Expressão da Série Riverdale (Netflix): ''we're already running a secret speak easy''

O que significa "we're already running a secret speak easy" ?

"We'd be able to pay off our debts in weeks. Instead of years. You think we can pull that off? I mean, we're already running a secret speak easy, Reggie. - Right? - Right."

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marceloluz 2 19
Hi, Jorilaine.

A "speakeasy" used to be a place where alcohol could be "safely" purchased during the era of prohibition in the USA. That's why it's "secret". "to run a speakeasy" means 'gerenciar, tomar conta". Então, "we're already running a secret speakeasy" means "Já estamos gerenciando um bar clandestino"
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
A small bar with an intimate climate, they are "hidden spots" behind nondescript doors (entrances) and barely signage to be seen.
The gist is to 'emulate' the "prohibition era" (almost) buddy-buddy places where to have a bit of entertainment while you could have a drink (or some hard liquor - or even a bootleg one) and in addition some problems as well...
Now it's just to have a good time around with buddies, have fun, listen to some good music, etc.

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Ref. londontown