Expressão do Filme Avatar 1: "The strong prey on the weak, it's just the way things are."

No primeiro Filme Avatar, encontra-se a frase "The strong prey on the weak, it's just the way things are."

O que significa "the strong prey on the weak"?
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Basicamente: a lei é do mais forte.

Mas pode ser traduzido como:
Os fortes aproveitam-se dos mais fracos.
Os mais fortes predam os mais fracos.
Os mais fortes abusam dos mais fracos.
Os mais fortes oprimem os mais fracos.
Os mais fortes prevalecem sobre os mais fracos (através da violência ou força direta, mas pode ser também a dissimulada e indireta, nem sempre é a força física...).

The part "it´s just the way things are." (é assim que as coisas são/é assim que as coisas funcionam [por aqui]) is a hollyood gem of sorts, or movie gem of sorts (if you wish). It´s about status quo, and it´s meant to coerce the listener to whatever the speaker wants him to do.
Self-help books and psychologists would dispute that, certainly David Carrol (an American professor who sought what was in his profile in the files of Cambridge Analytica) might have heard that.
Of course, movies are to entertain and they come up with people´s wisdom. They should be watched with a critical mind.
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Speaking of Avatar, I'm really looking forward to the sequels, Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, etc.

They're saying it'll be worth it.
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Indeed that concept was a breakthrough to the movie industry. I wouldn´t be surprised if they coined a verb "avated, avateing", he hee. :-)
I don´t want to drive today, I will send my Avatar...