Expressão: filme Curtindo a vida adoidado: dry that one out

josiasknunes 5
Fala aí galera do English Experts,
Eu estava praticando "listening", assistindo ao clássico dos anos 80, Ferris Bueller's Day Off(Curtindo a vida adoidado), e já na primeira cena, a irmã do Ferris, percebendo a armação dele, solta esta frase: "Dry that one out, you can fertilize the lawn".

Alguém poderia traduzir esta expressão?
Há alguma outra expressão equivalente a esta mais atualizada?
Poderiam ajudar com esta também: "Bite the big one", Junior.

PS-achei alguma coisa no Google, mas nada que satisfizesse o contexto.

Ah! Eis a cena: ... 069bf9.jpg ...
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PPAULO 58960 6 45 1053
Dry that one would mean something like "se tirar todo o álcool do sistema dele, dá pra fertilizar a grama" (algo como aguar a grama).
She really knows what is going on, whereas their parents think he ''doesn´t feel well", in this case sister know better!

Problem is that several parts of the Brazilian version of the film was cut, one can see from reading the transcript. ... ueller.pdf
There are several lines (falas) that simply vanished in thin air when it came to Brazil, it seems.

In time: your listening is pretty good, I had not figured what Jean (aka Jeanie - to him) was saying at that point, real quick!
I confirmed it after seeing the screenplay transcript, even so the listening beats me there! ... ueller.pdf

As for the "bite the big one" I didn´t find it, can you tell us where you see it in the video? is it on this one (that you came up with)?
If you let us know where you got it (min '-second '') perhaps we can get to the second part of your question. ;)
PPAULO 58960 6 45 1053
For example, in the beggining Jeanie cries "WHO PISSED ON THE TOILET SEAT!?" MOTHER! (this way, in capital letters)

This was cut, but reading the script one catches the clue, so sister knows he is indeed nursing a hangover, not ill ! That´s explains, in part, the screeching of the car going away, the girl is 18 y.o., so she goes to school driving her own car (today feeling fed up with the "baby" treatment her brother has).
josiasknunes 5
Hi, Paulo,how's it going?
Adding at your explaining,
I received that answer by email from New York:

"Olá. Jeanie não acredita que Ferris esteja doente...quando diz para "Dry that one out, you can...". Ela está sugerindo que o que diz Ferris é um monte de "m*rda" e se secar este, pode-se usar para fertilizar a grama. Após secar, vai se tornar o que nós chamamos de "manure" que os fazendeiros usam."

Bite the big one- at 1:25, in the movie up.

Thanks a lot Pedro, best for you.
josiasknunes 5
Another answer from New York:

"Bite the big one" = to die or be killed. That film was a cultural phenomenon....very funny!

If you have another meaning for this phrase, please post it.
So, I keep searching a best way to say these phrases in portuguese, even I understanding the meaning, i'm looking for a simple way to say that.

Thank you once again.

PPAULO 58960 6 45 1053
Great here, thanks.
I agree with you on "the bite the big one" stuff; and certainly the other one might be right.
Thanks for sharing. ... he+big+one
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