Falsos Cognatos: Forte

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Check this out guys:

Ex: cooking is my forte

I just can't help thinking how funny it is when you find new words like this one.


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"So return to where you came from
Return to where you dwell
Because harassment's not my forte
But you do it bloody well"

song: Free to decide
band: The Cranberries - they're from Ireland, but Dolores's pronunciation is quite easy to understand.
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If I have understood right, we can use "forte" in the same way that we are used to, as for exemple:

Speaking não é o meu forte. = Speaking is not my forte.
Am I correct?

Your English sentence is absolutely correct, and in this contex means "Speaking is not my specialty."

An idiom for forte is "my strongest suit" probably from card games such as bridge.

See also: http://www.synonyms.net/synonym/forte
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Thank you very much for your explanation!
Ei, queridos!

Essa palavra também pode ter aplicação no mundo musical. Pra aqueles que conhecem e usam partitura, quando o andamento da música se torna mais forte, vem escrito na partitura a palavra "forte" ou seu símbolo. Essa palavra, nesse caso, tem origem Italiana e é largamente usada nesse caso

adverb and adjective : Music loud ou loudly
Origin: Italian, literally 'strong, loud'.