Fear x Fright: Qual a diferença

Fear / fɪə(r) / BrE X Fright / fraɪt / BrE
Fright is a reaction to something that has just happened or is happening now. Use fear, but not fright, to talk about things that always frighten you and things that may happen in the future. ( Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
1. I am a fear to speak in English.
2. In other words only one Cinderella showed signs of stage fright . usatoday.com

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O certo é "I am afraid to speak in English."

fear = medo em geral
I am afraid of ghosts.

fright = medo típicamente intenso que dura pouco tempo, susto
I had a terrible fright last night when I saw the thief face-to-face.

stage fright
= medo de falar em público
I get stage fright wheneveer I must give a speech.
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