Filme ''Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao lar'': "We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy''

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Jorilaine 60
No Filme (Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao lar / Spider-Man: Homecoming) que atualmente está na Netflix, você encontra a frase "We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy".

Qual é a tradução de "Get creepy"? O que significa a frase inteira?
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Leonardo96 5340 10 122
It depends on what the "staring" refers to in order for one to be able come up with an ideal translation, if it refers to staring at someone in a sexual manner then "tarado(a)" would be quite fitting but if it's just looking intently for an extended period of time for whatever other reason to the point it makes whoever's being stared at uncomfortable then "esquisito(a)" would do.

As for the whole sentence and with that being said:

É melhor pararmos de ficar olhando antes que nos achem uns esquisitos/tarados.

A little bit of tweaking at the end of the sentence was required seeing as the literal translation "antes que fique esquisito/tarado" isn't very natural in Portuguese and doesn't make as much sense.

PPAULO 56985 6 43 1017
Na verdade assustador (vendo pelo lado das garotas que estão passando ao largo), um olhar "'anormal", bizarro, pervertido.

Mas como os garotos (pelo menos o que diz isso) se pega admitindo isso, podemos dizer que poderia ser traduzido como as duas coisas, "antes que fique embaraçoso (se pegos olhando)" e "pervertido" (antigamente dizia-se '"depravado", mas já devem ter um novo sinônimo para isso).

Com o pouco limitado vocabulário atual, "assustador" é uma boa escolha, pois pode se dizer dos dois lados. Das meninas do filme e dos garotos também (à luz da minha explicação psicológica que foi apresentada).

Então "assustador" foi como traduziram no seguinte trailer: ... lers/23853

Meio que:
Vamos parar de olhar pra ela(s) desse jeito antes que fique assustador!

Leonardo96 5340 10 122
"Assustador" is not what it actually means in that specific context if one means it in the same sense as "scary". I've seen "creepy", being used time and time again in that context and it's not a fitting or ideal translation.

Especially because, if you say "vamos parar de olhar antes que fique assustador" people will take it as if it will be "assustador/creepy" for YOU and the other person staring specifically, when it's not really the case and it's the one who's being stared at who's supposed to be creeped out. The idea is really that you need to stop staring before the person person who's being stared at notices it and thinks of you as some kind of weirdo. Being creepy is associated with being a weirdo and socially inappropriate (for instance if you stalk someone you might be called a creep, if you sneak up behind a woman you don't know and lift up her skirt you'll almost certainly be called a creep) more than "scary" in the core sense of the word. That is 100% how "creepy" is being used im that sentence and I don't even need to watch the scene in which it was said to get a better idea from the actual context, the "let's stop staring" thing pretty much gives it away. Well, as long as it refers to staring at a person, that is. Say two people are staring at a haunted supposedly possessed porcelan doll hoping that it will blink or something, and they say "we should stop staring before it gets creepy" then yeah, your translation actually works and is correct. In fact I went ahead and clicked on the link to the trailer you posted just to make sure and avoid making a fool of myself and it's not really said in that type of context, if you watch the scene you will realize the translation I offered is ideal, so there you have it.

PPAULO 56985 6 43 1017
In fact, to my thinking, both ways can be an apt description. The guys would be in a "disquieting situation" and "could be seen as weirdos" (more on the harassing side). It would be an awkward/embarrassing situation to them.

So, in a way (perhaps by a stretch on my part and on the part of the makers of the caption) I still think "assustador" could fit. It convey the 'worrying' feeling of the guy plus the awkward social situation they could get into (embarrassing).
Creepy has also an "unpleasant" and (socially) "offending" ring to it, on Thesaurus, close descriptions to the event or almost.

But, yes, the "vão pensar que somos esquisitos/tarados" would fit as well, it´s even a better translation from an academical point of view. ... les/creepy
Cambridge entry "creepy" has that definition "unpleasant and making you feel uncomfortable, especially because of sexual behaviour that is not wanted or not appropriate."

So, it wouldn´t be a far-fetched idea, if the guy´s sentence possibly had a 'degree of empathy' in it. So, it would be more about the girls than about them. Like trying to act socially normal, at least on the surface.
I think their translation might not be the best, but it´s acceptable given the cross-cultural context and the audience.
But then, it´s me, my point of view. I could be mistaken, of course.

Leonardo96 5340 10 122
Yes, you described it well now and seem to have gotten the actual meaning of the sentence, but the translation itself still might confuse others and make them think the idea intended to be conveyed is completely different.

PPAULO 56985 6 43 1017
Thanks for your feedback and insights on the matter. ;-)