For (pois em português)

Andrezzatkm 2 8 108
I know he's guilty, for I saw him do it.
(Eu sei que ele é culpado, pois eu vi ele fazendo isso.)

Is it correct? Can somene give another exemple, where for is used like pois em portuguese?

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Na verdade, este "pois" equivale a "porque" e está explicado no link a seguir:

Bons estudos!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
For/since are less used than "because" you could use because if you wished in your example. It´s also more formal.

More examples:
I was sleeping, for I was tired.

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. - by Carrel, Alexis.
(pois, uma vez que, porque )

1. Because, as, since, for, inasmuch as agree in implying a reason for an occurrence or action. Because introduces a direct reason: I was sleeping because I was tired. As and since are so casual as to imply merely circumstances attendant on the main statement: As (or since ) I was tired, I was sleeping. The reason, proof, or justification introduced by for is like an afterthought or a parenthetical statement: I was sleeping, for I was tired. Inasmuch as implies concession; the main statement is true in view of the circumstances introduced by this conjunction: Inasmuch as I was tired, it seemed best to sleep.
Andrezzatkm 2 8 108
Obrigado à todos que responderam.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
You´re welcome, ever. Glad that it helped.