For Whom Did Brazilians Vote Abroad?

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Just to note that Dilma was born in Brazil, and to my knowledge has never been to her father's native country. Is it not the law that a president must be native-born? Or can a naturalized Brazilian run for president?

(Totally as an aside, Bonar Law, a Canadian-born Brit became prime minister of the UK early in the last century. Conrad Black, a Canadian-born entrepreneur -- presently facing a jail term in the US for business malfeasance -- gave up his Cdn citizenship to become Lord Black of Something-or-Other and sit in the British House of Lords. I wish they`d take a few other Canadian-born politicians off our hands...)
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You're right, Henry, She was born in Brazil - and this shows how I am very well informed about my new president :)
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@Donay: yes! take office!
thank you
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A question you could post on the section 'Perguntas e Respostas' em inglês:

Who did you vote for in the presidential election? Why?