Correção de texto: Forgive others, Forgive yourself

Roger Lourenço 35
Pretty much everything in our external world is doing everything to avoid us from knowing who we really are. The more you have the more you want, you will never be completely fulfilled in that way. Some people suffer in advance and go through unnecessary pain rather than hoping for the best. Sometimes, I think that trying to solve a problem is one of the best ways to keep a problem growing. Pretty much everything knows how to heal itself. Just get out of the way. If you need to justify why keeping something in your life, you might want to consider letting it go. If you find yourself saying something like " This job sucks and I hate it so much, but I need the money and there isn't any another alternative " or " That person is a jerk but they were nice to me that one time. " Then you are not following your heart and now you need to come up with a mental reason why you are settling. If you are justifying something, this means the thing you are holding on to might lead you to be in your head and not in your heart. We used to be more in our hearts and trust me, we used to be happier. Now we unlearned how to leave well alone and to wait for the answer to come to you. Be patient, be fine, be in your heart, be happy.
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