Frase de Harry Potter (filme): it's not every day your young

Estava assistindo um filme (Harry Potter and the sorcerer's Stone) e eis que me deparo com a seguinte frase:
''It's not every day your young man turns eleven, isn't it?''
Achei o uso do yours meio estranho nessa frase...não deveria ser 'you'?

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"Your" added to "old man" is usually used in informal ways to mean "father", so in this case I think it means "child". ... of/old-man

I don´t have the context from the film, but then my educated guess is that we have some kind of "social hierarchy subordination/ranking" involved.
So, to give a simplistic answer, I would say it means "it´s not everyday your boy turns eleven, isn´t it?".
Meaning that "your young man" could well be "your disciple/your student/you follower etc (if one master said that to other)
/your child (if it was said to a parent) etc. ... ections/[i]
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