Gírias em português // Portuguese slang

Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Hello, people. Today, I wanna list you some slang used by Brazilians, in Portuguese. That's a great thing for you portuguese learners must be curious. Here it goes:
English - Portuguese
-Cool!, Sweet! - Maneiro!
-My bad! - Foi mal!
-Bad egg - Mau elemento
-Boozehound - Chapado, de fogueira
-What's up? - E, aí?
-Dude - velho, veio(very informal), cara, irmão
-Bye! - Falou!

Good studies for y'all!
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Avatar do usuário Dude Spell 135 2
Thanks, Gus! You're not a bad egg. :D
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
In all likelihood the original poster means, "Brazilian Portuguese slang," not simply "Portuguese slang."

Those willing to learn more about Brazln Port slang may consider acquiring the Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese. amazon.com has several new and used copies you can send away for at prices ranging from US$ 14.55 to US$ 37.50.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Hi, Marcio. Hw r u?
I just simplily put Portuguese slang, and I didn't put "Brazilian", because this forum season of EE, is already saying "Brazilian Portuguese for Natives(...)".

Thank you. And good studies for you.
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Gustavo Dias escreveu:Hi, Marcio. Hw r u?

Not bad.
I just simplily put Portuguese slang, and I didn't put "Brazilian", because this forum season of EE, is already saying "Brazilian Portuguese for Natives(...)".

In all likelihood #2 you mean "simply," not "simplily."
In all likelihood #3 you mean "section," not "season."

Also, one of your commas improperly separates the subject from the verb. In order to fix that, "... forum section of EE, is alreadly..." should read, "... forum section of EE is already..."
Avatar do usuário Thomas 14290 7 58 283
Gustavo, I'm not busting your chops. (Making trouble just to make trouble.)

"Bons estudos" is excellent Portuguese and "Good studies" is bad English. We simply don't say "Bom trabalho" and similar expressions.

Help me with something. I haven't heard "Falou!" for a long time, but I thought it meant "Do you understand?" Have I been wrong? Does it have two meanings?

"Maneiro" is new to me. Is it a regionalism? I say "bacana" ou "legal". I understand that "trilegal" is old-fashioned and no longer used by Gauchos.
Avatar do usuário dlr 65
'fala' is to 'oi' as 'falou' is to 'tchau'

and I've heard 'maneiro' in Rio, but I'm not sure if it's specific to just Rio... I know my Paulista friends never use 'maneiro' and my Carioca friends never use 'massa'.

For the rest of you, we need more gírias! I know all of those that Gustavo wrote.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 705 1 1 13
you're right dlr, "maneiro" is a carioca thing.
I'm from São Paulo and have never used that.
Does your friend use "massa"? That's another one I never say as well, neither
listen to my friends saying it.
I think that "irado", "animal", bacana, legal (as it was already said)....it`s said that "doente" can mean "cool" as well...but make the most of it if you're less than 25 rss

Thomas you're not wrong, you can either say "falou" to say bye or "falou" to mean "have you understood me?".
It depends on the context, but I must say,it is very intimidating if you say "falou" meaning "have you understood me?" ...it's usually said when one person is threatening someone else to do something or just trying to intimidate them.
Yeah Thomas, don't say "tri-legal" hahhaha, unless you want to wind someone up with that. that's a funny one.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Yeah, you're right ;) thanks for remember me that.
For "cool" we have a lot of regionalist slang:
- "Maneiro" - Rio de Janeiro
- "Massa" - North Paraná, perhaps also in São Paulo... as far as I know - this one is the most used here
- "Bacana" - We sometimes use it, but it's few times (I live in North Paraná - South Brazil)
- "Animal" - we don't use
- "Irado" - we hardly ever use, maybe Cariocas use it a lot
- "Barato!" - we hardly ever use - Ex: Cool! - Que barato!

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