Gramática: A sky that is illuminated by the moon is...

A girl that has dark hair is "a dark-haired girl"
A man that looks good is "a good-looking man"

What about the followings?

A sky that is illuminated by the moon is a ...?
An experience that opens your eyes is a...?
A stove/oven that cleans itself is a ...?

Thank you.
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A) a moonlit sky.
B) open-eyeing.
C) a self-cleaning oven.

I hope you don´t have a homework to do on Monday, if so this is called cheating, no a pretty thing to do. But we do believe that Brazilians don´t cheat.
PPAULO 59030 6 45 1055
Yes, Telma got it right. Thanks for the teamwork and the corretive insight Telma.
That only proves that this site is manned and crowded by humans! To err is human, after all. :-) :-)
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My answer for the second sentence is:

An experience that opens your eyes is an eye-opening experience.
Paulo, "a" homework? Anyway your answer is welcome