"Gringo" é termo ofensivo?

Fiquei amiga de um canadense recentemente e chamei ele de gringo na inocência,sem querer ofender... E ele nao gostou, e agora ele nao fala mais comigo =( fiquei tao triste, eu nunca mais vou usar essa palavra...
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Avatar do usuário Marcio Osorio de Fa 1030 18
Tive uma namorada americana (que não tinha papas na língua) que não se importava se eu a chamasse de gringa.

Não ligue pro seu amigo. Mantenha seu sorriso.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41375 6 32 726
I would advise you guys to use the word only with someone that you know, is already your friend and you know that he/she won´t take offense.
Don´t use the word with/to people that you don´t know wether he/she will accept. Even if that person lives in Brazil for some time, since that can be deceptive...he/she even can understand our culture and see that we are saying that in a funny/teasing way and meaning no harm.
Even so, this one is one of those things that may depend on individual sensitivity. And even one´s own experience, since even in Brazil the word may or may not have a negative ring to it.
That is, meaning exclusion to a degree - pointing out that someone doesn´t know the language of the country, and is a bit wet behind the ears in someone´s else land etc.
So, if I was from another country I certainly would take it lightly, would accept such word. But I respect their point of view, as per the above reasoning. Instead of expecting that others would share my frame of mind.
Avatar do usuário Redseahorse 8590 1 13 158
Frescura do gringo canadense!

Ele não quer ser comparado com os estadunidenses, apenas isso. Algo parecido ocorre com alguns brasileiros topeiras, que não gostam de ser chamados de latinos pelos gringos, para não serem comparados com os mexicanos, como se nós brazucas não fossemos latinos tb... Pura idiotice!
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41375 6 32 726
That isn´t an exclusivity of the Portuguese-English language, though.
Even in Brazilian-to-Brazilian communication mix-up could happen hindering the process or turn somebody against you.
For example, somebody from Rio could use words like "vagabundo" or "mané" in the Northeast region, in an innocent way and be highly misunderstood. To the point of making the one at the receiving end toy with the idea of forcing you to push daisies very prematurely!
Avatar do usuário Dourado 1095 2 23
I think the main issue is that "gringo" is an offensive word in many (maybe all?) Spanish-speaking countries. Since there are many of them in the US, it is also considered offensive in North America. So you should be careful when using it outside of Brazil, and always explain that it just means foreigner in Portuguese, there are no negative connotations to it.