Have you ever attended a Halloween party?

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In Brazil it is not very common for Halloween ...
But do other types of celebrations such as New Year's Day, the younger children go from house to house, asking the famous "Good morning Good Year" :D
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Avatar do usuário ernando 10
I have never attended to a Halloween party, but I intend to go to one someday, maybe abroad. :P
Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
When I lived in the States, we used to go to a "Haunted House" before the Halloween party. I didn't think it would be scary - how could some pictures of ghosts frighten me as an adult? But there was a guy with what seemed to be a real chain saw in that house, jumping out of a closet and attacking us from behind... you better believe we got an adrenaline rush! :o
How've you been, Flávia?
I study English at fisk too!

I have never attended a Halloween party, but I´d like!

Kisses for you!
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46145 6 35 814
I never attended one; the closest I got to that celebration was when I was taking an English (conversation) course. Our teacher asked us to come to the class with something that, at least, resembled the real MCoy.
At the end of my workday I went right to my wardrobe and tried to find something that fitted the occasion, nothing, just a black-and-white shirt (black with white stripes or vice-versa? don´t know up to know.)
Problem was, our teacher rang everybody and said to go in the usual clothes, no need to get there in Halloween costumes! except, that she forgot me!
Ha ha, you can imagine when opened the door and everyone was clothed as usual, my luck was that I had just found a Jeans pants and didn´t took a broom to the class!
I think that day made me an unforgettable guy there! :lol:
Avatar do usuário Andrezzatkm 4820 1 8 106
I've never gone to a holloween party.
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
Khadija Bint escreveu:I have never attended a Halloween party, but I´d like!

Kisses for you!

Mind if I make a couple of small corrections?

You've finalized your sentence "... but I'd like" without a "to" and you've sent kisses for Flavia as though you might have done the kissing for her. You should have written, "Kisses to you".
No, but I wanted so much. My friend is making one and she invited me and many other her friends. I won't go. :(
Yes, I have. I attended a Halloween party when I was eight year's old.It was the first and the best Halloween party ever.
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