Have you ever attended a Halloween party?

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Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94
Question: Have you ever attended a Halloween party?


As you all may know, Halloween is a very traditional event in North America, but not in Brazil. For this reason I always associate the Brazilian Halloween parties with English Schools! All the ones I attended were during the period I studied at Fisk. We used to wear like witches or monsters - Adams Family characters were very popular as well.

Now it's your turn!
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18 respostas
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Andrezzatkm 4905 2 7 107
I've never gone to a holloween party.

Betto Lima
I never ever...

Never ever!I'd love to but...I'm in Brazil.In Brazil we don't have this kind of commemoration.Anyway,there must be the private ones I don't know.If happens to someone invite me I'll certainly attend it.

Camila e Bruno
In Brazil it is not very common for Halloween ...
But do other types of celebrations such as New Year's Day, the younger children go from house to house, asking the famous "Good morning Good Year" :D

Douglas2000 240 6
No, but I wanted so much. My friend is making one and she invited me and many other her friends. I won't go. :(
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ernando 30 2
I have never attended to a Halloween party, but I intend to go to one someday, maybe abroad. :P

You're right Flavia. In New York City, Halloween is a big business for those who wants to sell costumes. Many people wear costumes and go the Parade that happens on October 31st at 6 Avenue. Even the American channels cover up the Parade. However, Halloween it's not an official holiday, but a lot of people used to take the next day off because of the hang over I guess.... like me! LOL !!!

Any corrections are welcome.

felipeh6 2255 7 56
I've never attended a Halloween Party!

Even if we are studying English and it is important to know the culture of countries that have English as first language, I think it's difficult to follow it here as far as it isn't part of our usual culture.

Frank Florida 210 5
When I lived in the States, we used to go to a "Haunted House" before the Halloween party. I didn't think it would be scary - how could some pictures of ghosts frighten me as an adult? But there was a guy with what seemed to be a real chain saw in that house, jumping out of a closet and attacking us from behind... you better believe we got an adrenaline rush! :o

Nha. :(

I`ve never attended a Halloween Party!

But, taking advantage of the topic... I have one question: In which countries it is celebrated? Have you ever been to a Halloween party outside the USA?

yes I have I used to live in USA and it was awesome to be there for halloween...I dress up as a nurse,Betty Boop, a cop......

Khadija Bint 70
How've you been, Flávia?
I study English at fisk too!

I have never attended a Halloween party, but I´d like!

Kisses for you!

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
Khadija Bint escreveu:I have never attended a Halloween party, but I´d like!

Kisses for you!
Mind if I make a couple of small corrections?

You've finalized your sentence "... but I'd like" without a "to" and you've sent kisses for Flavia as though you might have done the kissing for her. You should have written, "Kisses to you".

PPAULO 55810 6 43 1002
I never attended one; the closest I got to that celebration was when I was taking an English (conversation) course. Our teacher asked us to come to the class with something that, at least, resembled the real MCoy.
At the end of my workday I went right to my wardrobe and tried to find something that fitted the occasion, nothing, just a black-and-white shirt (black with white stripes or vice-versa? don´t know up to know.)
Problem was, our teacher rang everybody and said to go in the usual clothes, no need to get there in Halloween costumes! except, that she forgot me!
Ha ha, you can imagine when opened the door and everyone was clothed as usual, my luck was that I had just found a Jeans pants and didn´t took a broom to the class!
I think that day made me an unforgettable guy there! :lol:

RenanKenplers 85 3
They'll throw one at my school!

I'm so in :]

Vinicius Strickland
Yes, I have. I attended a Halloween party when I was eight year's old.It was the first and the best Halloween party ever.

w.slayman 110
Hi everyone,

In the States (USA) we celebrate Halloween in two ways, and both are excuses to dress up in costumes.

The first way is for children to dress up and go "Trick or Treating". The kids go from door to door and say "Trick or Treat" and get candy, or other edible treats from the people. Originaly the phrase "Trick or Treat" was a threat meaning I will give you a trick if you don't give me a treat. The tricks could sometimes be especially mean such as; throwing toilet paper on trees and houses, or throwing eggs on a house, or soaping windows, etc.

My favorite trick story was one that my Grandfather claimed to have taken part in when he was about 16 years old. A bunch of boys got together and went to a preachers house, dismantled his carriage, and reassembled it on top of the carraige house. When they were finished, one of the people there lit a lantern which illunminated his face (the preacher) and said "That was a lot of fun boys, now lets take it back down".

The second way is for older children or adults to have a costume party and take part in several traditional activities.
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween

At any rate Halloween can be a lot of fun. :twisted: ;)

Unfortunately I have never attended a Halloween party. :cry:

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