Have you ever been robbed?

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Marcio and Thomas,

How about alley, a narrow lane (street) often found between streets and behind buildings which is used for service.
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Bill, yes, that fits the description for the type of street in which the guy robbed me. Thank you.
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No, I haven't
thanks god, i never was robbed
but my father was robbed a week ago
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I've been robbed a couple of times during my travels... it happens. The most scary incident was probably in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

When I arrived in the afternoon, people were already telling me not to walk around - not even in broad daylight.

In the evening, I wanted to go to a bar and grab a few drinks with some friends, but the hotel receptionist told us to take a taxi - even though the bar was a mere two blocks away!

So of course I wanted to be on the safe side and ended up taking a taxi to the bus station the next day - only to have the taxi driver rob me!

He pulled into a dark alley, threatened me with a knife and told me to give him all my money. Fortunately I managed to convince him that I need my backpack for my work, but it was a pretty scary experience.

Later that day I met an expat who had been in the country for a couple of years already and he said there had been 200 assaults by cab drivers on passengers in the last two weeks alone.

Managua is a scary place... I had a great time in León though. :)
Yes, the mother´s grocer shop was robbed only time it´s very bad.