Have you ever been to an amusement park? How was it?

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Question: Have you ever been to an amusement park? How was it?

I went many times to Playcenter during my childhood and teenage. I have also visited Hopi Hari (SP) a couple of times, and went once to Beto Carrero World (SC). My favorite rides are roller coasters, drop towers and bumper cars. The pirate ship was also very famous among my friends! I don't like rides like freak-out and water rides (only if taken in a water park like Sea World).

Other examples of answers:
- Yes, by the way I go to Disney every year and my favorite rides there are __________ .
- No, I am just terrified by all rides!
- No, because they are unsafe. Many accidents have happened lately.

For you to help in your answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_amusement_rides

Now it is your turn.
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Yes, I've already gone to Mirabilândia (Recife - PE) and it was very fun! I went with my friends and my brother (he took me for the most of the toys). :3

Maybe in January I go to Disney. :33
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yes I was. But the parks that I have been very simple.
I was many times in my teenage with the school to Playcenter and Hopi Hari and one time in my childhood to Beto Carreiro Word, but i don't remenber very well.
Despite to be a little different i like so much that aquatic park Wet 'n Wild it stay next to Hopi Hari.
But a some years i don't go to amusement park's.