Have you ever broken a bone?

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Yes. I broken my left collar bone when I was sixteen years old.
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No,I have never either.And I'm the kind of guy that like to jump and do all the kind of child's thing,since I used to be one.But in the other hand I'm very carefull.I know all the risks I'm taking and so I can mesure the hole situation as an adult really;)
No I haven't; but in my childhood I wanted for to use plaster.
No, I've never broken a bone, at least I think I haven't, once at school, in PE class, I was playing Dodgeball, and a girl fell over me and over my fist, later, I couldn't move it, it was weak, a lot of girls came to help me, wet my hand, lol, it was a little weird, but I think it got better. Recently, my stepbrother and I was playing the same game, and he threw the ball exactly to my thumb, which was outstretched, it hurt a lot, I couldn't move it (again) and it couldn't flex totally, any pressure made it hurt, but nowadays, it doesn't hurt, but it still can't flex totally! I don't know why, and until now, my right thumb is the double than my left thumb!
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Yes, I broke my forearm once at a waterpark, when I was 9. I remember it was really painfull and I couldn't open my hand right after I broke it. It took almost 2 months to get better :?
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yes, I recently had xrays of my neck and I discovered that I have a back trouble at cervical.
No , luck me :D
Yes, Once time i have broken my left arm
Yes, twice when i was playing soccerball
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No, I never broke a bone. But I had a lot of fun ;)