Have you ever broken a bone?

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HELLO EVERYONE! This is my answer to the question:

Have you ever broken a bone?
No, I've never broken any bone of my body. Which is kinda awkward, since I hear so many people telling stories about it. It feels like some part of my childhood is missing. But I'm pretty sure it's not something I regret not having. Pain, doctor and recovery... no thanks.

Changed the accents just for fun and also because some people make such a big deal about it.
I've never broken any bone.
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I never broke a bone.
I broke seven times wen I was young, arms and legs too.
No, I Haven´t. I have never broken my bone. I don´t like run!
No, I've never broked a bone.
I'm very lucky guy, cause I fell of a horse, over my arm, and nothing happens to it!! And I'm a heavy guy....
I had broken my leg when I was a child, I think that I was two or three.
After that I've never broken my leg or another bone.