Have you ever dreamed in English?

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Practice English here, messages in Portuguese are not allowed.
Yes, lots of times. Most of those dreams were basically about chatting with famous native speakers.
Once you get used to the language as much as I am, for instance, this is something that will start happening more often.
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No. I have never dreamed in English.
Yes, a long time ago, when I started to study English, It was after I spend the whole night watching movies and videos in english.
Yep! Some people say you really learning when you start dreaming in English...
Maybe. I don't remember now!
Yes, I have been dreaming in English even since I started studying the language. Spanish-speaking dreams have also happened with a certain frequency, even though I only started studying the language a few weeks ago. This week I started attending a French course and I must admit I am looking forward to some francophone dreams! :p
Sometimes when I sleep. I usually to talk with another person. The point is, every sleep is another person. I can't recognize the face, but we just talk each other in english and that is it. I think it's me speaking for myself.
I just dreamed once, many years ago, I didn't know almost nothing about english (and don't know yet...lol), but when I waked up, I didn't remembered nothing, any word, but I remember that I talked a lot in english in my dream.