Have you ever dreamed in English?

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Practice English here, messages in Portuguese are not allowed.
I´ve dreamed a lot, and, almost all times, my english´s perfect... tnks guys !
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I never dreamed in English man but I think that's a nice dream.
Oh my god, i never dreamed in English, would be very nice dream it, or very funny. Hahahaha. Now i want to dream in English, but unfortunatelly we dont choose our dreams, right? Hahaha (:
i dreamed in english only once. It was when i started to learn english. I went to the english course and i got excited. I dreamed that i was travelling around the word in a cruise and i talked with several people.
Nowadays, i don't dream in english but like says MahPriestly, we dont choose our dreams :)
Good morning!
Yesterday I dreamed playing on english team Manchester United, just this, bye!
Yes, I've already!! Oh Gosh, in my dream I spoke English very well
No... I have never dreamed in english and I think it's not possible for me...
People says that everyone dream every single night about five or six times, but I never remember what I have dreamed of...

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Yes, I have!

As I have an italian girlfriend, we always communicate between each other speaking in English. Due to that, sometimes she appears in my dreams and in these cases I can practice my 'speaking' even sleeping :lol:
I almost none remember my dreams, but I know I've ever dreamed in English, but I don't rememberm this dream, when I wake up I still can remember, but after a while I forget
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I haven't ever dreamed before. But I think it would be a interesting experience.