Have you ever dreamed in English?

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Practice English here, messages in Portuguese are not allowed.
some times i dream talking ( english fluently) , because i go sleep listening CD in english. hahahaha it's too funny!
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Not yet, but I try wake up thinking in english.
Unfortunately not
Yep, sometimes...It's weird! In my dreams and even in my thoughts I ''speak'' english spontaneously.
Oh, I'd like to dream in English, but at the moment I haven't dreamed in English. It's a pity. :(
Yes! I always dream in english language ;) ....I speak all the time with persons from all nations. IT´s great !!! :P
I have never dreamt in English, but I think a lot, sometimes when I'm driving, I start making plans in english, thinking about what I would say If someone asked me about an especific subject...it's really weird. LOL
Hey, once I dreamed in English. In my dream, I was in a line to get in a stadium to see the Demi Lovato's concert, and a women came on my direction and called me to go to the backstage, and I was like "OMG, I cannot believe I'll meet Demi". I walked into a dark room and suddenly someone put a light on and she was in front of me, calling me to hug her. I was in shock. I took some pictures with her, then we talked a lot and she invited me to go to her bday party in LA.
Anyway, that was just a dream and I woke up some minutes after it.
Peace out mates.
See ya.
No, but once I dreamed that I had to speach with a boy :3 in english because he was from United States and he was sightseeing Brazil.
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No, I don't. I've dreamed in spanish. It was so cool.