His x The: Usar "the" no lugar dos adjetivos possessivos

Gih94 15
What's up guys? Eu gostaria de saber se os adjetivos possessivos podem ser substituídos por "the" em alguns casos.
Ex: He washed his car.
He washed the car.

Entendo que na primeira, o sentido é "o carro dele", e já na segunda é um carro específico, não necessariamente o dele. Estou certa? Por favor me corrijam! Posso usar o "the" com o sentido de "o carro dele" também ou não?

Thanks in advance!
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From Cambridge Dictionary:
Entry "the''=> 17th usage (rule # 17 out of 19) to the usage of THE.

============= >>

17. used instead of a possessive adjective such as your, her or my

He held his daughter by the arm.
I can't remember where I parked the (= my) car.

My note: 1st. example: Instead of "by his arm (the arm of his daughter)
2nd. example: self-explanatory in itself, yet if we changed it to

He can't remember where he parked the (= his) car.

But then, let´s think of a situation where there´s just one car involved, but I borrowed from him, I went to the mart, so I am the driver.

I can´t remember where I parked the car (=also his) car.

This one would fall on the rule # 1. used before nouns to refer to things or people when a listener or reader knows which particular things or people are being referred to, especially because they have already been mentioned or because what is happening makes it clear.

I hope it helps. :P

Gih94 15
Thank you so much!!! Great answer! :)

PPAULO 54165 6 43 975
This way, you are spoiling the child! LOL. :lol: