"Hit the head" meaning

Hit the head

- To use the bathroom.

e.g. I'm going to hit the head.

In this case "Head" is the term for the bathroom on a sailing ship.

The Free Dictionary says:
21. (Nautical Terms) nautical
a. the front part of a ship or boat
b. (in sailing ships) the upper corner or edge of a sail
c. the top of any spar or derrick
d. any vertical timber cut to shape
e. (often plural) a slang word for lavatory

Other reference: What Does it Mean When Someone Says They are Going to "Hit the Head"?

I hope that helps.
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TO HIT THE HEAD is used by sailors and marines. Soldiers and airmen use "TO HIT THE LATRINE".

You will also hear TO HIT THE JOHN, TO HIT THE CRAPPER, TO HIT THE CAN, etc. I do not suggest the use of the word "crapper" in polite company.