Hotels in the US

I would like to offer some information on hotels and motels in the United States.

In the US today there is no practical difference between a hotel and a motel, except hotels tend to have more than three or four floors (andar), the difference between hotels and motels in Brazil does not exist in the US.

In major cities, like New York, Miami, and Chicago as well as tourist attractions the rates for hotels are high, and the travel agencies book into the more expensive hotels/motels whenever possible to maximize their profit. As an educated traveler you can save a considerable amount of money by booking a motel outside the major city or tourist attraction. For example in Orlando The Disney Grand Floridian has rooms starting at US $410.00 a night, the Grand Bohemian Hotel has rooms starting at US $249.00, and the Best Western has rooms from about $45.00. In the Disney Resorts and the Grand Bohomian you have very fancy furnishings and ammenities while the Best Western has basic ammenities but the rooms are clean, safe, and comfortable.

If you are going to travel to the US it pays to shop for a hotel and compare prices. There are normally adequate rooms available anywhere in the US,except during holidays and special events, and you can book in any number of hotel/motels, even on short notice. If a hotel is not satisfactory to you changing is not normally a problem.

I can recommend the following Hotels/Motels, they are listed by quality and price from highest to lowest. I personally prefer the La Quinta, and Best Western Inns as they have the best value for the money. All have websites with online reservations and pricing. Check them out before your next trip.
Hampton Inns
Holiday Inns
La Quinta Inns
Best Western
Days Inn

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