How can I improve my english? And second foreign language

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm not a new user but I think it's my first topic.
PS: It's not about WiseUp method or school.
PS2: If you find mistakes in my topic text you can correct me ;)

Well, straight to the point:
Case 1 - I've been studing at WiseUp since Basic 1 (yes... I didn't know anything before) and now I'm an advanced student (at least I'm in WiseUp Advance 2 classes/almost CAL) but I've been doing a lot of mistakes, normally when I speak (to write I make too but not a lot).
The case is... I'm not an excellent student but I study every weeks (normally more than a day), I read SpeakUp magazine and some articles on LinkedIn/Internet... try to watch english movies including english subtitles... I've been doing particular classes (trying to fix it) and also WiseUp classes, nevertheless, I don't feel good to express ideas or only speak... when I do it, to me is terrible, I'll say something about past and I say in present verb form (or vice versa) or change pronouns "their" for "his"/"them" among others.
I really don't know what's my problem, if I need study more basic things or speak more (because of I only speak in classes), sometimes I told something but I didn't pay attention what I said (when I speak) and also I've problems to memorize new words/expressions.

How can I improve my english?

Case 2 - At the beggining of english course I was doing spanish classes too but I closed that because I hadn't time to do both.
Now I'm looking for a second foreign language (I think start it in next July) but I don't know which theirs (spanish, mandarin, german, french). I want a second language to improve my carreer too (I'm a 26-year-old Support Analyst/Coordinator) and I always search jobs on multinational companys (I worked on Global Crossing for example), and now, what's your opinion?

Thanks a lot!

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Helly guys,

Any answer? :o Come on! :)
Anybody's studing another language too?

Thanks a lot!
Have you tried hanging out with native speakers who don't know any Portuguese at all? (And in my experience, that's most of them... so you're in luck! ;p) When I first arrived in Brazil, I moved into a shared apartment (república) with a bunch of Cariocas who didn't know a single word of English, so I basically *had* to get total immersion. That helped a LOT.

You can go to hostels or touristy places, or you can hit the bars and clubs where foreigners usually like to hang out... there are also some language exchange programs on the internet that are free. But I think more contact with native speakers could really take your English to the next level now.
Hello guys!

Sorry my delay...
Thanks a lot Frank, not yet, I didn't speak with a native speaker or someone that speak english too, my contact with english is only wiseup classes, movies and magazines and contact ebay sellers but using e-mail.
My last 2 teachers told me that I needed to speak more and probably when I go to the United States next year (my plan) I'll improve a lot, but I believe I need to improve my listening to understand what people tell me there.

And about a second foreign language, any idea?
Tomorrow I'll start work in my new job at GVT, a brazilian telecomunication company by Vivendi (since 2009) a french group, but GVT market share is only Brazil.