How did the two of you meet?

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Question: How did the two of you meet?
(In case you're not in a relationship (yet), how would you like this to be?)


- I met him through a friend who I worked with. We were spending a holiday with friends at the beach. So I can say that summer love lasts, with no shadow of doubt. ;)

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7 respostas
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ernando 20 1
I'm not dating someone right now, but as my friend Gustavo, I'm living very well without it until now.

We met at my friend's party after a soccer play in the spanish comunity in Boston Mass.
I think it was awsome! since the first time a saw him.

Silvia Mattos
Hi, I met my husband when I started to work. We worked at the same company, and our relationship still lasts until now !!!!! It's happened 20 years ago!!!!!

Gustavo Dias 25
I don't know, because I ain't had any relationship...
The most important is that I'm living very well even without it.

Logan18 30
My fiancee and I are friends since our childhood, our families are friends for a long time. I've always liked her but she was dating a friend of mine, so I never tried to reach her and say what I really felt. But on a sunny day I saw a beautiful girl wearing long green dress and asked a friend to tell her that I would like to speak with her. Then we start to dating and now we're going marry in 2011.

Marco Brainiac 25 1
Hello there,

Well, I found my my girlfriend in the supermarket when we were shopping, We always saw each other then a I decided to bite the bullet and I had the iniciative and I could introduce myself.

I oftentimes went to the supermarket only to appreciate her.

I think these things happen naturally without preplanning.

josneywat 315 6

Chances are I'll meet that person in a dancefloor.

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