How do you celebrate Junine Party in your city?

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Very nice, and with the minor exceptions of, ... which should have been hot dogs, (no hyphen and plural) I could not find anything to take issue with.

Again very good.
I'm from Brazil and here the Junine Parties are so common. There are lots of food, typically food of the epoque, like paçoca, hot dogs, pé-de-moleque, and several kinds of candies and foods. There is hot wine, and there is 'quentão', too. I confess I really don't like those kind of drinking, I prefer my Guaraná or my juices. There are too many kinds of dancing too, but they are realized with happier songs (that I don't like). (:
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The Junine Party is a custume party where the people put tack clothes, colorfull flags, typical foods like tapioca pudding, cake, "pamonha", hot dogs, pop corn, soda, etc...
We listen country musics (sertanejo), "forró", "quadrilha"...tack musics, somebody use country look.
The Junine Party also happen in july and is called "São João" or Saint John.
Sometimes, there's gonna be a hick marriage.
Here in my city is celebrated only at the school.
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- We listen to music and dance a lot;
- We have party at school;
- Fishing;
- Food like hot dog, cakes, pies, etc.

And other things.
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My way to celebrate Junine Party is stay at home reading or surfing on the internet. The thing is I don't like this kind of parties at all even being from Nordeste (Ceará more specifically), the only thing that attracts me in the Junine Party is the good food, like corn and stuff. :D