How do you celebrate Junine Party in your city?

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Question: How do you celebrate Junine Party in your city/state?

From Wikipedia:
Festa Junina (Junine Party), typically termed São João (Saint John) as it is centered on that saint's day, is the name of annual Brazilian celebrations (historically related to the Midsummer and Saint John festivities in Europe) which take place in the beginning of the Brazilian winter, consequently during the European summer. These festivities, which were introduced in the country by the Portuguese during the colonial period (1500-1822), are celebrated in the whole country, but the bigger and more popular parties are associated with Northeastern Brazil. It's mainly celebrated on the following days of the Catholic feast of Saint Anthony, John the Baptist and Saint Peter.
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Here in Sao Paulo some "Junine Parties" have lost their meaning; instead of country music, there are all kinds of music, and the parties are usually crowded with people. Instead of eating the typical food, people prefer to have barbecue :(
I like going to small quermesses like the one close to a church near my house. I'd have some canjica, corn cake, ...

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w.slayman 110
I have never been in Brasil in June, but Festa Junina sounds like a lot of fun, I need to plan a trip to be there in June so I can see for myself. I love the food, music, crafts, dancing and excitement of folk fairs as well as the photographic opportunities.

I think that this proves my belief that a Brasilian does not need a reason to party just an excuse, you have to absolutely love the vivaciousness of the Brisilian Culture.

Can some of you tell me more about Festa Junina?
JacksonB 110 2
A brief explanation to Bill

Dressing: I used to celebrate Junine Party at school when while I was in Elementary School, and I was always dressed like a countryside man, with one or two black teeth, that funny straw hat, those torn and patched funny.

Ok, here it goes , haha, it's me and my cousin going to a Junine Party at school, we were 7 or 8 years old , I guess. We use to pretend a marriege in Junine Parties, we were always the bride and grum. :)

Food: Here in the south we use to drink Quentão(hot wine juice) with pinion, and of course, popcorn.

Here I found a typical dance.
I hope I helped you understand the Junine Party's Spirit :D
JacksonB 110 2
Take off this>> ...when while i was...
Change this>>... marriege.... to this>> marriage
w.slayman 110

I would suggest this wording and spelling.

The picture is of my cousin and myself going to a Junine Party at school, I think we were 7 or 8 years old. We always were the bride and groom at the pretend marriages during the Junine Parties.

I have a good understanding of what a Junine Party is, in the U.S. we would call it a combination of a county fair, good old fashioned country hoedown, and Sadie Hawkins Day.

A county fair is a district festival, a hoedown is a country dance festival, and Sadie Hawkins Day is a special day when women can ask men to go on dates (Saturday after November 9th) and there are lots of pretend marriages. see for a complete discription of this holiday

Thanks for the help.
JacksonB 110 2
Ok Bill, got it. thanks.
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Actually, I'm not sure how people celebrate it here. I moved here 3 or 4 months ago I guess (My memory doesn't like me very much. I'm very forgetful). But there's going to be a party at the school where I study and my friends invited me, so I guess I'm going ^^

P.S.: My writing sucks. I just can't organize the ideas in my head.
w.slayman 110
Kathy escreveu:Actually, I'm not sure how people celebrate it here. I moved here 3 or 4 months ago I guess (My memory doesn't like me very much. I'm very forgetful). But there's going to be a party at the school where I study and my friends invited me, so I guess I'm going ^^

P.S.: My writing sucks. I just can't organize the ideas in my head.

Your writing does not suck, it just needs very some minor tweaking. May I suggest:

Actually, I'm not sure how people celebrate it here. I moved to the Federal District about 3 or 4 months ago, sometimes my memory fails me on details. But some friends have invited me to a Junine Party at our school, so I Imagine that I will find out how it is celebrated here.

I hope this gringo's opinion helps you.
Thanks Bill.
Flavia.lm 4085 1 10 93
Last Sunday I went to the quermesse I mentioned in my previous post. Quermesses are usually in open places, but the one I usually go is in a closed place - and I love it because it’s been quite cold here in SP lately.

Country music was being played, but I did not pay much attention to it because I was busy choosing what to eat. The options were: hot-dog, savouries, corn on the cob, barbecue skewers, individual pizzas, tapiocas (with many options of toppings), many different cakes and the traditional sweets made of peanuts, such as canjica, paçoca and chikkis. To drink, some quentão or vinho quente.

Children dress for the occasion (some adults too) and play traditional games (some adults too), like the fishing and the ring game.

I do love this period of the year. :)
w.slayman 110

Very nice, and with the minor exceptions of, ... which should have been hot dogs, (no hyphen and plural) I could not find anything to take issue with.

Again very good.
I'm from Brazil and here the Junine Parties are so common. There are lots of food, typically food of the epoque, like paçoca, hot dogs, pé-de-moleque, and several kinds of candies and foods. There is hot wine, and there is 'quentão', too. I confess I really don't like those kind of drinking, I prefer my Guaraná or my juices. There are too many kinds of dancing too, but they are realized with happier songs (that I don't like). (:
The Junine Party is a custume party where the people put tack clothes, colorfull flags, typical foods like tapioca pudding, cake, "pamonha", hot dogs, pop corn, soda, etc...
We listen country musics (sertanejo), "forró", "quadrilha"...tack musics, somebody use country look.
The Junine Party also happen in july and is called "São João" or Saint John.
Sometimes, there's gonna be a hick marriage.
Pattye 5
Here in my city is celebrated only at the school.
Lucas V. 15
- We listen to music and dance a lot;
- We have party at school;
- Fishing;
- Food like hot dog, cakes, pies, etc.

And other things.
ernando 30 2
My way to celebrate Junine Party is stay at home reading or surfing on the internet. The thing is I don't like this kind of parties at all even being from Nordeste (Ceará more specifically), the only thing that attracts me in the Junine Party is the good food, like corn and stuff. :D
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