How do you commute to your school or your place of work?

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Question: How do you commute to your school or your place of work?

Examples of answers:

- I walk everyday to my workplace. It takes around twenty minutes each way.
- I go by car, and it takes around 50 minutes to get there.
- I take the bus near my house to downtown, then I take a subway and after five stations I'm at the area where my office is.
- I take the air shuttle from Rio to São Paulo every day (yes, some people do that!)
- I work and study at home so I don't need to commute.

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- In the morning, I take a bus and a train until my workplace, It take me 1 hour and twenty min.
- In the afternoon I go to college by train, It take me fourty minutes.
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I am just a student and commute to college on foot, since it is near my home, so I don't need to get in a car or get on a bus to go there. However it has just happened for the last two years. In the past I used to get on a bus from two to four times a day to go to high school and a technical course. It was a tough time. But, these days I only get on a bus twice a week.
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I will go to work by car or by bus. I will use the car on alternate days.

High gas prices and the certainty that leaving the car in the garage on alternate days will contribute to keeping Earth's atmosphere clean make me happy.
I go to school by bus every day! A classmate in my school lives near my house, so I think I'm going to go back to home with him! The problem is that we're not very close lol. I imagine both of us with his mother in her car in total silence and embarassment. I'm still considering it.
I'm go to college by Subway. It takes around twenty minutes.
I study at home and don't work hence i don't need to commute.
The place I take the bus is near, I walk only two minutes to get there. The bus takes twenty minutes to get the place I work. After I walk one minute to get there.
Well , i go to my university by train and them i spend 9 minutes walking from train station to my university .oveeral it takes about 25 minutes to reach there.

But somethimes i go by car with my father depending the day
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Well, usually I go by car and it takes between 5 to 10 minutes to get there. I live and work in a small country town. I would rather go by bike, but I often need the car to go to cities nearby.