How do you improve your English skills?

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Practice English here, messages in Portuguese are not allowed.
I listen a lot of podcasts, I read some texts everyday, I practice conversation with myself in the mirror (because I am too shy to talk to others) , I watch films in english (with transcript in portuguese first, then I watch without transcript), I watch tv shows in the internet and I also listen musics in english, most of the time.

Well, that's what I do to improve my english.
xo, Lu.
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I practice english every single day through tv series, musics and websites.
Everyday I watch something in english, like: supernatural, family guy, american dad, the simpsons, the vampire diaries, true blood.... Even the animes I used to watch with subtitles in portuguese I now watch subtitled in english.
Once a week I go to to practise my spoken english (By the way, I would like to know an american website akin to this one) and english experts to solve my questions.
I also attend to classes at CNA, though I'm not learning as much as I used to (I'm in last level).
I think in order to learn english you need to be very determined and practice a lot.

My pronunciation is my worst problem.

p.s: I dont know why but I can watch cartooned(Ive just made this word up)-tv series(the simpons for example) without any subtitles and I understand everything, but I can't do the same with non-cartooned series. Weird, isnt it?
I usually listen to musics with lyrics, I pay attention to English classes (exemplary student ^^).
I think I only improve my English skills that way... Wow, now I feel terrible.
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To improve my English skills, I use to listen to podcast in ESL(English as a Second Language) sites, it's very good. And I like to choose some English musics to listen to, and sing... I try, try a lot to sing that music untill I become good and sing with the pronunciation correctly.
I read magazines and papers in English, I listen a lot of podcasts, I listen stand up, I read all posts that forum, I watch movies/TV Shows in English.

I don't still understand everthing I hear, but I go on trying.

I improve my english skills by watching english movies, listen to english musiscs, going to my english classes twice a week and mostly surfing the net!
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I improve it doing something in English at least 15 minutes each day.
Hi, I'm improving my English by watching movies on TV, listening to the radio, talking with friends in my job, in my professional position we uses too much English (IT); last whole week I worked as interpreter on a congress in my church, there were people of several states from USA and Canadians too, it was amazing. It was a good chance to putting me on proof.
Well, everyday I listen to the English As A Second Language Podcast, by Dr. Jeff McQuillan.
Then, I listen to it one more time, and I write the script of the podcast, so I can practice both my listening and writing skills.

I also listen to songs in English, and I watch a lot of movies as well as tv shows, with English audio and subtitles.
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- I listen to a webradio from the US...