How do you improve your English skills?

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In these days, I've reading a lot as well as watching plenty of TV series, without subtitles, even if I'm not ready for understanding all the talks, but I'am able to get the plot, thus it's enough to keep doing this, to be honest due to that last item I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my listening abilities, for sure in a near future I'll be capable to understand English talks very well.
Another thing I've done is reading some texts in loud voice, it helps me to speak more correctly the words, trying to emphasize which is really important in an expression, that's a huge task that who are dreaming about being good at English as well as a native has to pay atttention to.
But, I reccomend you to read what people are writting here, because something which works for me might not work for someone else.
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To improve my English skills, I'm using many things such as movies and documentary films without subtitle, English radios, musics and texts. Of course, this website is a great tool wich help me so much.

Recently, I'd tried to read the English version of the holy bible because I thought: The bible is hard to read even in Portuguese language, then, if I could read its in the English version, I'll be able to read and understand everything!

I'm perceiving my progress and it's very rewarding!
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Reading books in english (the last book I've bought was The Red Pyramid - The Kane Chronicles -, from Rick Riordan), watching sitcoms (Big Bang Theory, No Ordinary Family, Community, Scrubs and others), watching movies, listening to musics, etc.

And reading EE. k
I read texts in scientificamerican and ieespectrum every day and also see movies in english when i can... I like to listen podcasts but right now i need to increase my reading!
Moreover, i wish i could attend classes in an English course. However, i don't have time enough for this...
Watching Animes :33
With Subtitles In English.

And Movies and talking in English with Friends.
I listen to a lot of podcasts everyday on LingQ..also, I read articles that interest me.
My target is improve my listening and reading.
By Belinassi Saturday sepetember 17,2011

I improve my English once time for week at FISK school, watching films In English. In my job I used to speak with my
co works , I like reading Speakup magazine,writing , reading,listening music that all of English. But accept sugestion
of skills friends.

My adress or

A big hug for alls

By By
I attend classes at SOS English School,I listen a lot of songs only english also i watch movies with subtitles...
-I listen to podcasts
-I surf on the internet (most of the websites I read are in English)
-I watch movies in English
-I listen to songs and try to understand them (though there are a few songs that even native speakers can't understand)

That's it! Bye.
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Well for me the best way to learn english is trying to put this indiom in some of my daily activities which i like to do most such as:

- wacthing movies in english legended in english
- listening to songs and seeing the lyrics
- doing some exercises i find the on internet.