How do you improve your English skills?

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Practice English here, messages in Portuguese are not allowed.
Watching Animes :33
With Subtitles In English.

And Movies and talking in English with Friends.
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In fact I watch my favorite series in english but with the english subtitles turn on. I think that my listening is too poor to understand what the characters are speaking. Furthermore I use some apps like Duolingo, Linguly and Leo. And now I decided to try this forum too ;]

PauloReis escreveu:I'm currently doing a course at Englishtown, Duolingo, I try to read short texts, because I'm still starting at the language, and I'm looking for native speakers for better learning
Hey man, are you enjoying the Englishtown's method? How are they?

To improve my English skills, I'm using many things such as movies and documentary films without subtitle, English radios, musics and texts. Of course, this website is a great tool wich help me so much.

Recently, I'd tried to read the English version of the holy bible because I thought: The bible is hard to read even in Portuguese language, then, if I could read its in the English version, I'll be able to read and understand everything!

I'm perceiving my progress and it's very rewarding!