How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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I want to be where I should be! :?:

I hope to be living in Brisbane, Australia and speaking English fluently!
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I'll have much health. A good job, i hope married and have sons. Travel is my dream. backpacker type.
So, I see myself like a great developer, maybe with sons and be very... very old rsss. But what can I do? It's life!
I'll be living in a cold country, (I hate summer) working with what I like and being more happy that I am now. And I will have a library in my house.
I'll have more one child, and buy a foreign car (I think it's a prophecy... :) )
I really don't know, I will be with 26 or 27. Maybe I'll be working on my own company, married with a good man and with one little baby, living near my parents and be happy ;)
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10 years in future I'll be working/studying, I guess that after I get my undergraduate degree I'll try master's degree and than my doctorate, and who knew maybe my Ph.D. Biotechnology is the subject that I want to work with, so I'll be a researcher and I intend to work at one great research center or at a University. Besides this I want to have my own car and a comfortable house.
I´ll be graduating and probably I´ll have children!
I see the same person that I'm today, but in this time I hope to be working out in other country.
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Living in my own house, raising 2 kids, earning more money doing what I love doing which is working with education...