How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In 10 years ... wow! I hope to be living in the United States at least temporarily because of the Master ...
it's a dream, I know.
I hope to be fluent in English and ah! I want to have gone to the show the band My Chemical Romance...
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In 10 year I hope that I will fluently in English and I'll can speak french and a little bit of germany and japanese.
I also hope that I'll be married and I'll finishing my Master's degree *o*
I'd like to be fluently in english living in EUA or Italy and with a good job.
ernando 2
I hope to be well married or living with someone I like by that time, I hope to be fluent in English and start trying to master other languages like Mandarim and Russian.

In terms of money I hope to be financially stable, I don't expect to be rich, but I wanna have a dicent life style, having a good house with everything I need and a good car.

In terms of jobs, I expect to be work with something that I really enjoy, by now I think it's Biotechnology, but I might change my mind, nobody knows...

More than anything: I hope to be an honest, humble, and healthy person, it might sound a little common but I don't care, I like things simple and that's who I'm, I just hope to be myself and be happy by doing so! ;)
Well, i will have twenty nine, so i imagine me married and thinking about having a child.Either think i will have done my master's degreeh and doctorate in some design area.I really want to be a realized professional, being work in a magazine doing infographics ou editorial design, and of course have some own projects, still don't know what, but i will, so i think is that.
I see myself with a good job on which I get much money and have fun.
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Marcos 4 19 70 ten years I would like be a successful English teacher, still passionated about the language and the art of teaching, perhaps a child or two with someone I love which I really hope to find it, and for last but not least, making some money (just enough to keep my necessities, I'm not creedy :P ), after all a man must eat! lol
I will, in ten years, with much more experience and fewer friends I have today. Over the years until friends disappear. Only true brothers remain.
I hope much better than now. With a good job and money, health and happinness.
I see myself happy and with health, working and maybe with a girlfriend too :D
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
I hope I'll be teaching English =)
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I see myself living in Canada, working with electrical engineering or technical electrotechnical. Probably living with some friend or my future wife.
I'll be an good girl with a stable job. I will spend a lot of money making crazy amusements in the world. When I go to the plane, my friends will be there too.
I see myself being a translator in an important newspaper's office, with my actual boyfriend, with a lot of money saved in my bank account, and studying something I'd like to study.
Hey, guys!

this is my first post on this section, my english is not good. Help me ! ahaah

I see myself like a good public prosecutor, I hope can to help many people with my job. I imagine myself traveling around the world and meeting interesting people. I will be speaking English and Italian very well. I don´t know if I want children. I will get married with a good and romantic man. This things are just dreams. Only God knows what will happen with me
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