How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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In 10 years ... wow! I hope to be living in the United States at least temporarily because of the Master ...
it's a dream, I know.
I hope to be fluent in English and ah! I want to have gone to the show the band My Chemical Romance...
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In 10 year I hope that I will fluently in English and I'll can speak french and a little bit of germany and japanese.
I also hope that I'll be married and I'll finishing my Master's degree *o*
I'd like to be fluently in english living in EUA or Italy and with a good job.
Avatar do usuário ernando 10
I hope to be well married or living with someone I like by that time, I hope to be fluent in English and start trying to master other languages like Mandarim and Russian.

In terms of money I hope to be financially stable, I don't expect to be rich, but I wanna have a dicent life style, having a good house with everything I need and a good car.

In terms of jobs, I expect to be work with something that I really enjoy, by now I think it's Biotechnology, but I might change my mind, nobody knows...

More than anything: I hope to be an honest, humble, and healthy person, it might sound a little common but I don't care, I like things simple and that's who I'm, I just hope to be myself and be happy by doing so! ;)
Well, i will have twenty nine, so i imagine me married and thinking about having a child.Either think i will have done my master's degreeh and doctorate in some design area.I really want to be a realized professional, being work in a magazine doing infographics ou editorial design, and of course have some own projects, still don't know what, but i will, so i think is that.
I see myself with a good job on which I get much money and have fun.
Avatar do usuário Marcos 3345 4 17 71 ten years I would like be a successful English teacher, still passionated about the language and the art of teaching, perhaps a child or two with someone I love which I really hope to find it, and for last but not least, making some money (just enough to keep my necessities, I'm not creedy :P ), after all a man must eat! lol
I will, in ten years, with much more experience and fewer friends I have today. Over the years until friends disappear. Only true brothers remain.
I hope much better than now. With a good job and money, health and happinness.
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I see myself happy and with health, working and maybe with a girlfriend too :D