How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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I hope I'll be teaching English =)
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I see myself living in Canada, working with electrical engineering or technical electrotechnical. Probably living with some friend or my future wife.
I'll be an good girl with a stable job. I will spend a lot of money making crazy amusements in the world. When I go to the plane, my friends will be there too.
I see myself being a translator in an important newspaper's office, with my actual boyfriend, with a lot of money saved in my bank account, and studying something I'd like to study.
Hey, guys!

this is my first post on this section, my english is not good. Help me ! ahaah

I see myself like a good public prosecutor, I hope can to help many people with my job. I imagine myself traveling around the world and meeting interesting people. I will be speaking English and Italian very well. I don´t know if I want children. I will get married with a good and romantic man. This things are just dreams. Only God knows what will happen with me