How do you see yourself in 10 years time?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Question: How do you see yourself in 10 years time?


- I'll spend less time in the office and more with my family; I'll have more money and spend part of it travelling around the world, I'll be speaking perfect English, etc. (hope this last one doesn't take that long!)

Now it's your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
In eight or nine years time I will retire from the Government-owned hospital I work for. In 10 years time my hair will have grown whiter; I will walk unhurriedly, always taking it easy and braving slippery stairways one step at a time. I will probably read more books and stay home more. And only then if God permits me to live on.
Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 55 1
If I keep focused on what I am planning to do, I have a feeling that in the future I will be working in the International trade area. I always loved international politics, I am an eBay-addicted buyer, and there are so many things that show that I have got the makings to follow the administrative career. Besides, I already work with it.

*Crossing my fingers*

That's it.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 715 1 1 13
I can't picture myself from now to ten years forward. :? And it doesn't make me happy at all not to know :cry:
I think only God knows about it! But, we can dream, it´s part of our lives!!! So, I imagine myself more intelligent, with children, married and resting more than I do now rsss. I also imagine myself travelling a lotttttt!
Like my pastor says: What vision you have about you grows up with the time, it´s a seed that can prosper one day, if you really believe it ! And... I think myself: If I don´t believe in me, who will ?
Hugs for everybody !
Avatar do usuário maryziller 295 1 1
I hope to be teaching online.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
In 2 years from nowadays I'll be speaking Spanish very well as I do in English... In 5 I'll be graduated at collegue... In 10 years I think I'll be working in a company as a very good professional...
Avatar do usuário Jerry Dorien 1390 3 34
Hi friends,

This is my first post on this section, my english isn't very good and I'm so shy to express myself.

I studied to be a computer network manager but what I really want is to be an english teacher to help other people to learn this wonderful language.

I hope to achieve my goal in ten years time!!!!
I'd like to be a good lawyer. I'm gonna be married and I'm gonna have three children. I'd like to speak english very well and I intend to study computer science.
Everyday I pray for god bless Us to get our dreams. =D
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It's interesting. I see myself working in my own firm, with kids, love, house, counts to get paid by me, pets (rather cats), and happiness. :D