How does the media affect people's lives?

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OH OK, I am sorry, I guess I should have read your post a little more carefully. How is this

"... the bias of a particular media outlet will ...

You are doing great, in your grammar and construction, and most of your errors are very subtle, even for a native english speaker such as myself.
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Thank you very much for your reply.
You have always been motivating me.

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Hi Everyone,

This post expands on Ailime's post above, as it would apply to the media in the United States.

Here in the U.S. we have many media outlets, with the major television networks being: ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.
Some of our largest cities have two or more daily newspapers while most larger cities have at least one, and almost all Americans have access to the enternet.

In an ideal world the media would only report the uncensored and unbiased news, letting the people decide on their own what the truth and and consequences are. Unfortunately many editors and producers allow their personal views to bias their judgement causing their subordinates and the outlets to reflect their views and to support their political agendas. This erroneous and misleading reporting makes it extremely difficult for the voting populace to educate themselves on important issues, which is a great disservice to the journalism profession, the people, and the country.

An excellent example of this problem, is the current news reports of an African-American lady who was fired from her government job, by the Secretary of Agriculture for alleged racist comments as shown on an edited TV video clip, this firing was publicly: demanded by the NAACP, and supported by President Obama. However when the entire tape is viewed it is obvious that the opposite is true, her statements were not racist, she is not racist and she did not deserve to be fired. Subsequently the Secretary of Agriculture and President Obama have had to publicly appologize, and she has been offered a new job. Only one of the four TV Networks has completely and accurately reported on this mini crisis, while the other three have denigrated the one.

To paraphrase the famous American author, Mark Twain, Believe only half of what you see and nothing of what you read.

NAACP = National Association for the Advancement of Colored People = Spoken as the "N, double A, CP"
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Very interesting, Bill.

It reminded me of a class I attended at the college, when the students were supposed to compare the same news in different tv programs, magazines and newspapers. I'm sure everyone who attended that class doesn't believe Veja, Folha de SP and Globo anymore.
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:idea: Is that right? (grammaticaly)

Flavia.lm escreveu:(...) I'm sure everyone who attended that class doesn't believe Veja, Folha de SP and Globo anymore.


Veja is a famous magazine, Folha de SP is a newspaper and Globo the most famous Brazilian tv channel. Is it right to say "I don't believe Globo", meaning I think their information is not trustworthy?
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I had to leave in a hurry and left the computer on. :oops:

Yes, your post is grammatically correct and the construction excellent with the minor exception of "the" is not necessary before "college", however using the definate article "the" is not incorrect, just not prefered in this contex. I realize that this is getting to the point of splitting hairs, but your English is that good. :D
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
thanks ;)

for the feedback and also for teaching me a new idiom - "getting to the point of splitting hairs"

@ the curious ones:
- Splitting hairs means going too much into detail, especially (if not only) in an argument.
- If people split hairs, they concentrate on tiny and unimportant details to find fault with something. (UsingEnglish)
- Split Hairs - to argue about small, unimportant differences
Origin: Shakespeare used this expression in the 1600s in one of his plays and "splitting hairs" has been widely used since. (WikiAnswers)

I guess "splitting hairs" = "being picky", right?
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110

To split a hair is even more picky than picky. :lol: It is taking picky to the extreme, much like to nitpick (another idiom ;) ) I bet this is the first time you have had someone use an idiom to define an idiom. ;)
Well, this topic is a quite interesting to be discussed here.

In my opinion, people who can't afford others types of news source (like Internet, Magazines, etc) tend to be alienated by some media enterprises.

In Brazil, we have been suffering a lot with this because TV Globo, which has the greatest and the best equipments to reach at every brazilian citizen home, has modeled the poorest people's opinion, or maybe those who don't want to think a little bit when being in front of the TV drinking a beer and eating some pizza, laugh out loud (LOL).

And another funny thing... Sometimes it's very difficult to discuss something with them because if you show another point of view, which may be yours, they might think you're going mad. They might not have the background to assimilate different point of views and with this, model their own opinion.

Good question Flávia.

See you.
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I do agree totally with you. Sometimes we feel like a fish out of water and we have to pretend that you are dead.
But, be sure, you are not alone!!