How important is money for you?

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Canascism. It would be "must be the MEANS of"
See you again.
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As important as the basic needs. After all, one is needed in order to obtain the other.

I'd never put it above ethics and morals though. I'd rather starve to death before doing so.
Money is very important. With money you can buy important things to your daily life, take care of your family health, enroll your children on good scholls. But money is just important, it's don't the most important. The most important thing in my life can't be purchased with money.
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How much important is it to me? very important, in my humble opinion.
I don´t see it as a black and white matter, there are shades of colours in-between.
If it wasn´t important, we wouldn´t have Economics/Finance and related sciences, with thousands of people studying the subject, and even non-related (think Engineering) ends up dealing with it when they have to erect a building in a more economic way (Civil Eng.) or consumes less energy (hence it spends less
money) - [Eletro-Eletronics/car makers/gadgets etc].
I cited Engineering in a sense, we all know that all fields are intertwined with money-related issues these days.
There are some inventions, that we forget to thank for their existence, like Energy, the press (Gutemberg) and the writting itself, the accounting and the use of the "zero" in it, the iron, the agriculture, the wheel, the lever...and the list goes on and on.
With time we take them for granted, and even forget them, till we are short of them. This is the case with money, just think of the times people were paid in salt, seashells or in the form of barter (bartering services or goods)...
In fact, the world came to a stage in wich money is very very important, along with many other things as well.
Even in simple events, I have to buy a chocolate in this Easter time or in Valentine´s time, then money is important to me, as important as remembering these dates...
One would say, not as important as health, happiness, a kiss, recognition etc, , but as I said above in the Engineering example, one contributes to the other, the intertwined thing.
The answer to the question? very much. It´s very much important, instrumental in getting things, in achieving goals, and vice-versa.

Ah, and you guys feel free to proofread/edit my text. Might have a lot of mistakes, he he.
For me, Money is important, but not more important than character, values and God.
Well, money is the anthem of sucess... It's a song haha such a horrible joke.
In my opinion, we have to learn how to use money, and of course money bring to us such a good happiness.
Peace out mates.
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I don't think money is important at all, but you need this darn thing in order to survive so it ends being an important thing...simple as that....
Firstly, hello to everybody!

Well, sometimes money is very important, but sometimes it's not.
For example: when you need buy some material thing, money can facilitate. But, there are things in our lifes that money can't to buy, how: love, friendship, peace, harmony and mainly THE HAPPINESS!
In this capitalist world today, money is as important as drink water.
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Money is important to get freedom. Imagine, you are at your home, in Brazil, on friday morning. And suddenly, a desire arrives at your mind: I want to have a breakfast in Oslo, capital of Norway, on saturday. So, in order to become truth this dream, you must have a lot of money. That's why I say money buys freedom. You can do everything you want as soon as you wish.