How long can you survive without the Internet?

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Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
Logan18 escreveu:I have no idea about how long I can survive without the internet, just because I'm so accustomed to using the Internet daily, as if it becomes part of my routine. I think I'm addicted to using the internet, I also use the internet before go bed every night through my cell.


I only have one minor suggestion on this post.

" ... as it has become part of my routine. ..."

Otherwise Excellent work.
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I just CAN'T or COULDN'T NEVER live without it, because.. it is one of those most important things on the day-by-day of a person, and it really, really matters for the mental sanity of the people, in general. The internet for me, it's so much cool and interesting, obviously with my caution with the internet addicting (I don't), and with my worrying with another things to do, like take care of the house and studying. When I had to leave the internet for a time, it was when I had to travel to a place that internet couldn't be used, like on the beach, that in my case, I've got no laptop to use there, and it was question of a good time, like.. 2 weeks. (:
Even though it's very hard to be without my internet, since I'm in a calm and beautiful place, where I can appreciate the nature, or when I'm having fun with my friends, only in these cases, I can survive for... one week! It's too much, but I can handle it!
I'm addicted to the internet, so I think I can survive without internet for a maximum of one weekend.
But I know this is not good ...
I think I cannot survive so long without internet..
Everyday I have to surf the web otherwise I become angry.. :evil:
Avatar do usuário jumiut 30
Not much time, I have to study english, I participate do EE... :D
Really, I love internet, all days I see my e-mail, Orkut, I study english, I listen music, I search the news. In my work I use the internet. I don't remember my life before internet. I I just die if you have internet in heaven. rs...
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53
Probably not more than one week as far as I use it for professional purposes keeping contacts with customers. I also use it to check the news, to do financial transactions, to have some fun and, of course, to study English.
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Nowadays it is very difficult live without a daily using of the Internet, because all is been done through this media.
I'm not so addicted to Internet, but I quite need it every day, so I cannot able to live without this media...
i can't survive without internet, i need the internet to work and at my house i use a lot, to see videos, talk with my friends, play games, search informations
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I've never thought that I could survive without internet. But when I saw myself two months without it, I realized that I'll not die if this happen. I use the internet principally to talk to my boyfriend that lives in other city and to do the homeworks of the university.