How long can you survive without the Internet?

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Not much time. I'm really addicted and I have no idea if my English is right in that phrase, hahaha!
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Hello Everyone!
I should say that nowadays everyone couldn't live without Internet, Why? Because the most of the things that you gonna do, you gonna put it on the Internet for everybody see it, so i think that the Internet is very important to the world, we get a good exemple now, i'm writing my opinion right now through the internet, if we don't have internet how could i write this for you?
in the other hand, our lives are very unsafe because the internet, everything you do into the internet everybody can know it, we get to be careful with this.
Anyway, answering the question of the post i couldn't stay away from internet 1 week i guess, i really need internet in my life, that's all.

If I really wanted it, I would survive until the end. Even though I don't wanna that because my life would be incrediblely harder. For instance, I wouldn't know about all the things that happens in the world, I would have to pay for learn something. However, it's a way of life, at least I would be alive.
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I could perfectly live without the Internet. There's nothing more thrilling than getting a handwritten letter. :P
I live for a long time, if i don't needed to school, work and emergencies!
A couple of weeks. I use internet for professional contacts, to read news and to study. However, sometimes I think my life would be less accelerated without this "virtual monster". Living disconnected is not bad at all.
I believe it's impossible nowadays. We depend on it very much...for talk to a friend, get a favor, on the job, it will never fell crowded and so on...However, some things never change..things about the human behavior...we need attention, do you get something better?
I could survive without the internet for much time if I used one only to stay surfing at social networking,However this isn't my case, The internet is necessary for me because I've been using the internet much more to study, to search and other important things than speding time with shallow things .
Maybe 16 hours. I use it every day and I couldn't live without it. Although, I was able to live without the Internet before. Now it is very important to me and I don't even like to think of spending a entire day without it.
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I can survive without Internet, but I don't even want to think of it! My God, one day without this is kind a sacrifice for me. Yes, I'm addicted of it, like a LOT of people are. But I use Internet (90% of the time) to search and to write emails or something like this, not just for fun.