How many tenses do we have in English language?

Philipepb 10 1
Hi, everybody!!

I'm new here, and this is the first time I use this forum!!

I'm studying about Verb Tenses in English, and I got very confused about it. Because in some grammars/authors/sites/articles we can see that there are 12 verb tenses in English, others say that we have 6, others say we have just 3, and finally, others say we have only two (the present and past tense, that are linguistically marked).

So, my question is: can we say that in English language there are 12 or 6 tenses (in this case, I think they consider tenses/time/aspect), or can we stick on only two (present and past), that are linguistically marked? Would it be wrong to say that there are 12 verb tenses in English Language?

What are your opinion about it?????

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Hi Philipe,

Welcome to English Experts. Please check it out:

afinal-quantos-tempos-verbais-existem-n ... -t147.html


gramatica-indice-de-assuntos-ja-discuti ... t7151.html

I hope that helps!

Philipepb 10 1
Thank you very much!

Next time i'm gonna search for the topic first, rsrrsrrsss