How often do you go to the movies?

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I go to the movies one or two times a month. In São Paulo don't exist better program. Movies + girlfriends + popcorn.
I love it.
Hello decio.

When i lived in Brazil i went to go to the cinema every week. I love popcorn too :)
However, here in Portugal, go to the cinema is very expensive... So, i try go once a month :(
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Well i´m don´t go to cinema very often, in fact i haven´t been to a cinema for a couple of years.Instead i buy DVD´s and i watch them at night in the weekends.

Personaly i think that the latest movies that have passed on cinema aren´t very interesting
Once a month, usually
Hardly ever, because i don´t have time for to do it!
Hardly ever I go to the movie. Maybe, I do this 4 a year.
I go to the movies very often. In fact, two or three times a month. But recently it is very expensive here in Rio.
Well, the last movie I saw was "The Martian" with Matt Damon. I liked it very much, I recommend it to all of you.
I usually watch movies once at week.
Usually, I am going to the movie theater once in a month . But, if more than a good movie is playing, I can go more times .
Probably from December, I am going to go to the cinema a lot times, because many amazing movies are going to debut , like Star Wars : The Force Awakens ; Hunger games part three, Deadpool , Warcraft , Captain America Civil war and others .
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