How to explain a conversation?

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Hi friends!

So, how does a teacher must explain a dialog?
First translate all dialog or translate each phrase at a time and explain it?
Before speak the dialog, explain what the conversation is about in Portuguese?

you know ... what's your methodology when showing a dialog to your students?

Thanks a lot!
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In general the teacher will begin with warm up questions. These are questions to get the students thinking about the topic and activate their prior knowledge on the topic.

Next a good teacher will present any new vocabulary that appears in the dialog.

Then the teacher or students will read the dialog line by line, translating if necessary for understanding.

Then the students read the dialog as a whole class activity, either in chorus (all together) or only 2 speakers reading it to the class to model the pronunciation.

Then the students practice reading the dialog in pairs (so everyone gets a chance to practice and not just listen).

Then the students come in pairs to the front of the class and perform the dialog.

If students are directed to write their own dialog based on the dialog they have learned, they may have to perform it in front of the class, too. downloadable Word doc with an explanation of PPP