Howdy: Como utilizar

I wonder if howdy is a greeting used mainly by... ? Hillbilly folks? Elderly? Non sophisticated folks in general?
Also, linger on means?

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murilo91 1 9
It's an informal greeting, mainly americans say it,

All the kinds of person might say that, in my point of view, that's not so used, I haven't seen this word for some time :p
that's just informal.

Donay Mendonça 22 106 1.6k
Hello Heitor,

'Howdy' is an informal North American way of saying hello.It can be used by anyone,I don´t see it as a way of describing people.If you´re in the USA and make use of informal language,you could eventually use "howdy".

"Linger on" means "parar em","ficar em","continuar de alguma forma".

Welcome to the EE forum!

"Howdy" is just an informal way to say hello and it's not just used by hillbilly, redneck, or country folks. It's really an individual preference. I use "howdy." I am from the country in Alabama (USA), but I wouldn't say it's common there. I use it just because it's fun to me. And I sure wouldn't say that only uneducated people use it. :)
Yes, howdy, an informal greeting mainly in the US.

And in Scotland, a noun, for a midwife. Yes, maybe cuz she's the first to say 'howdy' to the newborn, but you read it right, a MIDWIFE, (you may hear some changes in the pronunciation in this case).