Hugh Laurie of House learns slang with Ellen

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I have always believed that Peter Laurie was American. Imagine my surprise when I saw him being interviewed on the Letterman show and he spoke with a British accent. Now he is learning slang.

Nesta aula, o professor Adir Ferreira, autor do livro "A Chave do Aprendizado da Língua Inglesa", nos conta como se tornou um Expert em pronúncia e dá várias dicas para você se comunicar melhor em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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Interesting. I didn't know any of those slangs :P

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Now, I’m gonna give you some slangs, American slangs. We’re gonna take turns and will see how much you know, how much I know. OK, OK, First one I’m gonna give you is a flossing. You know flossing means? [see Hugh’s face] Actually flossing… no! It’s slang. It’s slang. You do know what actual flossing is? I know .. I know American’s opinion of British’s dental practice… Yes, I do know about it. Flossing… That would be something close fitting and the… no, I don’t know… [Annoying Beep…] That was to really show you how wrong you were! That’s gonna rubbing in… Yeah, really … that was aggressive; I’m sorry cause I could’ve say just no. We .. in America we really like rubbing in.. Claxon! Ah, it’s showing off, flossing. Really? Yeah, showing off is flossing! OK… Yes! All right! What sound does it make when you’re right? It’s buzz? Ding! Like that! Which is … probably different sound in England. It is.. yeah. Well, whenever right’s in England…

* Rub in, v. To harp on (an unpleasant matter).
* Show off, v. To display or behave in an ostentatious or conspicuous way.
Be careful not to be showing off people what you have.

Chin Wag! Chin Wag! Difficult to say it again. Chin Wag? Yeah! That would be… uh.. uh.. a blundering idiot! A Chin Wag, you Chin Wag! No? No! Is that.. it’s actually a verb, it means to chat, literally to why you Chin Wag? That’s very literal, it’s not really. Chin Wag! Chin, Chin, Chin, did I mispronunciate it? I think that’s .. I would’ve never got it wrong. Ooo…. I couldn’t understand from thick British accent. It would have gotten if in slow motion.. Chin Wag, of course! That does sound like.., all right! We’re tided? Yes! Tied at nothing.

* Blunder, v. To make a stupid, usually serious error in; botch.

Ba-donka-donk! [see Hugh’s face] means to pose someone on a motorcycle and then see a police car break suddenly. No… it’s extremely curvaceous female behind. Right! Ba-donka-donk! We definitively don’t have those in .. you don’t have? No, Is it Ba-donka-…. Ba-donka-donk! It’s fantastic word. Isn’t it great? You use it from now on … I enjoy your Ba-donka-donk, Honey! like this. All right? That’s fantastic.

* Curvaceous, a. Having the curves of a full or voluptuous figure.

Chuffed to bits! Chuffed to bits. Chuffed to bits. Chuffed…. Just exhausted! No, no! It’s to be really pleased, to be really pleased about, to be trued by something. I’m Chuffed to bits! That’s what I meant.. I’m in delight by... Chuffed to bits by [Ding!!] I would be Chuffed to bits by your Ba-donka-donk, exactly… we’re gonna end on this one because everyone has learned this by watching the show cause I’ve helped them.

Shawty! Shawty? Shawty! Shawty have them map them bottom, gees sweet with the birds. Shawty had them baggy sweep pants, rebutton with the strap.. turn around and give away… it’s still one word? Shawty! Right..! [see Hugh’s face] She hit the floor, she hit the floor… yeah, none of this is helping! Say you don’t… Shawty got a low low low low.. No. I really.. Shawty is a young kid or woman. Really? Yeah!

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Hope this helps ;)
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