"I don't believe you" in many ways...

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So, obviously, he is Brittish, and most of these expressions I have never heard before (although I understand them through context). I'll underline the ones that I have heard in American English...

You're having me on!
You're pulling my leg!
You fibber!
That's a lie!
Come off it!
Get off!
You're kidding!
You're taking the mickey!
Yeah! Right!
And pigs might fly! (the concept of flying pigs is universal, but this phrase sounds weird)
You're winding me up!
Leave off!
Give over!
Don't give me that!
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That's interesting, DLR. Just over the border in Canada it wouldn't be unusual to hear -- in addition to all the ones you've underlined --,

Come off it!
Get off!
You're winding me up!
Don't give me that!

I had imagined these might be quite American as well.