I got trapped ou I got stuck

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Gostaria de saber a diferença entre esses verbos.
No sentindo: Eu fiquei presa...em algum lugar.

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You can use both.
Trapped - is more likely to be used literally, one can have their arm trapped under a rock (as in the film 127 hours), obviously we could say that it was stuck under a rock.
One could be trapped under circumstances, that is, stuck in a situation.

Sometimes is more likely to use the word "stuck" as a kid had his head stuck in a stool, or in a toilet seat (that happened for real). This way we are talking about literally being stuck, whereas with "trapped" we could be "non-literally speaking" (não literalmente - com a cabeça presa no banquinho) or "preso como numa armadilha".
In America some farmers use "bear traps" (armadilhas para ursos) to keep them at bay. Let´s say a bear is trapped (o urso é preso na armadilha) we can say that he also gets stuck (ele fica preso, não consegue sair, se soltar). So, context is what substantiate what is meant. Sometimes there´s some in intersection in meaning, though.

As an instance, I learned that some Amazon towns near to rivers are deprived of transport in the flood season, they get unpassable for months.
Then you are there, you lose the boat schedule, you are stuck in such town, you feel trapped (like the bear I mentioned), you can say you got trapped in the town. Meaning you "feel" trapped - a non-literal way of speaking, that is, meaning stuck in the place.