"I will have" - para fazer pedidos: Como funciona?

Hello folks!!

How you doing? :P

I was watching Two and Half Men and i saw an interesting expression...

The waitress came to Walden and said... : Hi there, what can i get you?

and he said: I will have a ginger ale, please.

It sounds weird to me.. "I will have" to order something...

It's more ordinary to me tu use "I would like to have..." or "Can I have...?"

Could someone explain to me, why to use "I will have.." to make an order? is it formal or very informal?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi dude!

You can use the expression "I will have" to order something (but is informal). For example, at a bar:

Ordering your drink:
Bartenders are busy people. Don’t take too long to place your order. Ask to see a drink list if you aren’t sure.

I’ll have a pint of …
We’d like a pitcher/jug of beer. (to share between 2 or more)
I’ll have a bottle of ________ (beer name or beer type)
I’ll have a glass of red wine. The house wine is fine. (the wine that the bar uses most often)
I’ll have a glass of white.
We’d like a half litre of import white.
We’d like a litre of house red.
We’d like a bottle of … (specific wine from list). We’ll need three glasses please.
Can I have another…? (name the drink you already had)
We’d like another round please. (Each person at your table would like a second drink of the same kind.)
We’d like a round of shooters please.
I’ll have a …. this time. (change your second drink to a different type or size such as a bottle instead of a pint)

More information at: http://edition.englishclub.com/survival/at-the-bar/

And I have some observations about your question:

1- The "I" that you have used is always writing with capital letter (in the middle of phrase too).

2- It's not good to say: I saw an interesting expression (if you watched it on television). It's better to say: I heard an interesting expression.

Very good!

Thanks buddy!

About my question ... I know that I have to use "I" capital, even in the middle of phrases ... but, I forget it sometimes.. hahhaa

and about the "I heard an interesting expression..." I didn't know that, thank you so much!