In order to x In order that: Qual a diferença

Good afternoon everyone!

I haven't understood the difference (in translation and in context) of these two expressions: "in order to" and "in order that". May anyone explain them to me?

For a better explanation of the doubt, it came from my homework, that says:

Choose one of the words in parenthesis to complete the dialogue:

Jack: Great. It's about your last report. I believe you'll have to write it again (in order to/in order that) meet the new procedures.

If I'm not wrong, the correct is in order that, but I don't now why.
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In order to é sempre seguindo de um verbo.

In order to go, in order to meet, in order to work

In order that é seguido de outra frase começando com o sujeito.

In order that you can go, in order that you meet.. In order that you work.

In order that não é tão comum no dia a dia o mais comum com o mesmo sentido é so that.

So that or in order that? ... order-that

In order to ... n-order-to